The research I am using to help you has 5 strategies: assurances, tasks, openness, networks, and positivity. The category that you have the highest completion percentage is the area you are strongest in. The category that you have the lowest percentage is the area that needs the most work.


The strategy of "assurances" means taking deliberate actions to ensure your significant other knows you are committed to them now and in the future.


The strategy of "tasks" are activities where you help equally with work that needs to be done. This one is pretty intuitive but one of the hardest to do for some people.


The strategy of "openness" is speaking directly to your significant other about the qualities in your relationship you want to change. You won't see any openness challenges.


The strategy of "positivity" is about being enjoyable to be around. Many people fail to reserve enough energy to be positive with their significant other on a daily basis because of the stress of the day.


The strategy of "networks" is a unique one. This strategy is about spending time with mutual friends or family. Doing this has been shown to increase relationship satisfaction.