Are you sharing my data to make money?
No. We are not sharing your individually identifiable data with anyone, certainly not to make money. We will always be transparent about what we do with your individually identifiable data. We don't like being marketed to by 3rd parties either.

Can I use this without my significant other?
Yes. The program is designed for each person in a relationship to work on improving the relationship on their own. Of course it's better with two though.

Do I have to be married to use this program?
No you don't. This is for anyone in a serious relationship regardless of marital status.

How much does it cost?
The service is 100% free to join and only costs $3/year to keep using after 30 days.

Can my significant other see my information?
No, only you can see your information. If you feel comfortable, and your significant other also has an account, you can link accounts and compete against one another. But you will not be able to see each others personal profiles or text messages.

Is this only for one gender?
No, anyone can join.

How long is the program?
Just like the top athletes never out grow the need for a coach we believe you can use Relate for a life time.

Can anyone see my progress?
No, no one can see your data except for you. All text messages and data are stored securely.

What if it does not work?
Some things are outside of our control and out of the control of our members. If our program does not work for you, we suggest seeing a counselor.