Who are the experts that you draw content from?
This list is not exhaustive but just to list a few: Benincasa, Robyn  |  Carnegie, Dale  |  Cashman, Kevin   | Chopra, Sanjiv  |  Covey, Stephen  |   Dept of the US Army  |  Edinger, Scott  |  Follett, Mary Parker  |  Kouzes, James  |   Lencioni, Patrick  |  Maxwell, John C   | Mohler, Albert  |  Nohria, Nitin   |  Tassler, Nina  |  Dweck, Carol  |  Sandberg, Sheryl

Are you sharing my data to make money?
No. We are not sharing your individually identifiable data with anyone, certainly not to make money. We will always be transparent about what we do with your individually identifiable data. We don't like being marketed to by 3rd parties either.

How much does it cost?
The service is 100% free.

How long is the program?
The program has no end just like even the top athletes never outgrow the need for a coach. The longer you use Relate Leadership the more personalized its coaching becomes.

Can anyone see my progress?
No, no one can see your data except for you. All text messages and data are stored securely.